About Us

Principal: Debrah Purves BA (hons) RAD RTS LRAD AISTD
The Midhurst Dance School is a popular and friendly school based in a fully equipped Dance Studio at the Grange Centre in Midhurst. Its main aim is to offer students the opportunity to learn co-ordination, rhythm, self-discipline, self-confidence and social skills in a happy and exciting environment.

Although the atmosphere is relaxed and the emphasis is always on having fun, all pupils learn to work in a disciplined manner which ensures good progress and leads to the achievement of high performance standards - click here for recent success stories.

Exam entry is at the discretion of the principal and those entered are given the very best coaching to help them prepare. We ask that parents and pupils respect our decisions regarding exam entries.

The Midhurst Dance School produces a show every two years in which all students are invited to participate. The production for 2018, Raising the Barre, took place at Midhurst Rother College on Saturday 24th November 2018. See the News and Events Section for details.